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What are GloveTipsTM?


What are GloveTipsTM?GloveTips Installed Example.

GloveTipsTM are small dime sized flexible disks that you mount on your gloves. Each disk has special thread stitched in the center that will interact with capacitive touchscreen devices when you wear your glove.
Each GloveTipsTM kit includes:
  • Three (3) GloveTips
  • Three (3) strips of fabric
  • One (1) pull needle
  • One (1) needle threader
GloveTips (3 included)
Pull Needle
Pull needle with safety cap (1 included)
Hypoallergenic, Antimicrobial Fabric
Fabric strips (3 included)
Needle Threader
Needle Threader (1 included)

How do GloveTipsTM Work?

The GloveTip will be mounted on your glove and the silver tail is threaded inside your glove (which will touch your hand). When your hand touches the silver thread inside the glove (or the strip of fabric that it will be tied to), your glove will interact with capacitive touchscreens when the silver ring on the GloveTip makes contact with the touchscreen.

  • Inexpensive, Adjustable and Precise

  • Type text messages and e-mails, GloveTipsTM are THAT precise

  • YOU choose the mounting location, so GloveTipsTM adjusts to how YOU use your touchscreen devices

Order Now - Only $19.99

Benefits of GloveTipsTM

  • GloveTipsTM are THE BEST solution for anyone who wants to use touchscreen devices while wearing gloves.
  • Save money, stay warm, use what works and use what you already own that suits your personal style.
  • GloveTipsTM are so precise that you can type text messages and e-mails with ease.
  • GloveTipsTM makes YOUR gloves touchscreen compatible.

What else is out there?

  • Expensive specialty gloves that can cost almost $200 a pair! In addition to being unbelievably expensive, there are limited styles available, some of which look like they came straight out of a science fiction movie.
  • Most have a large contact area that makes it difficult or impossible to accurately type text and e-mail.
  • Some sacrifice warmth for touchscreen compatibility.

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